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I view each dream as a metaphor for what you are experiencing in your life. My goal is to guide you into discovering the meaning of your own dreams by explaining the logic behind dream symbols, posing some guiding questions for you to think about, and presenting some possible scenarios as to what your dream could relate to. I believe that dreams reflect our true thoughts and feelings about our life and can therefore help to clarify where we should direct our life in the future.

PS. I am desperate for reviews on my Dream Meanings Shop at the moment so if you can spare even just $1 to buy an interpretation and give me a review, I would be overjoyed!!!

Experience in the area

I have always had an interest in dreams. Over the past few years, I have helped hundreds of people by interpreting their dreams in online dream interpretation forums and here on allexperts. Allexperts is by far my favourite site to interpret dreams on because I get so much amazing feedback here and people are genuinely appreciative and encouraging of what I do!! If I ever need a little "pick me up" all I need to do is read my feedback page!!! And just to add, The Allexperts team ALWAYS answer all my emails straight away. I cannot speak highly enough of the Allexperts team!!


I have a bachelor of arts degree majoring in sociology and Aboriginal studies. I have also completed 12 month units in religious studies and psychology, as well as a number of post graduate units in epidemiology.

My educational background has given me insight and knowledge about different cultural beliefs and the way people behave and live together. The things we dream and the meaning of the symbols within are not solely a creation of our own minds, but are influenced by our history, our cultural beliefs, and the beliefs and behaviour of those around us.

Above all, I have learned most through hands-on practical experience and through seeking valuable feedback from the people for whom I have interpreted dreams.

What do you still hope to achieve/learn in this field?

There are always new things to learn about dreams. My ultimate goal is to find out for myself, who or what is "behind" the dream. How exactly is a dream created?

Something controversial or provocative about this subject

While my role on this forum is to interpret the symbols is dreams, I know that there are many mysterious and scientifically unexplainable things about dreams. For instance, some people can see glimpses into the future through their dreams. Others have documented "shared dreams" where two or more people have dreamed the same thing at the same time.

How is this possible?

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Hi there Gail,    If you are "sitting on a fence" you are said to be indecisive and unable to back one view or the other.  So I think this dream is all about you not being able to decide or unwilling to

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HI there Rose.  Was there any other details about the dreams you can remember?  It can be difficult to interpret dreams accurately without all the details so I am just gonna talk generally about your dreams

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Hi there Vanessa,    I think your dream will be about something from your past which is still "haunting" you so to speak.  (Eg because a ghost is the spirit of someone/thing who is supposed to be dead

2016-07-12 Weired dream:

Hi there Ahmed - firstly, I am so sorry I took so long to reply to your dream. :(. I've been a but preoccupied with family and home things lately.  So sorry I have been so slack.    I've approached your

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Hi there Jamie, did anything else happen in this dream?  An interpretation will be most accurate if you describe the dream from start to finish.      If it was just a short dream as you describe above


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