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I will answer general questions about astrology. If you want to understand a placement in your chart or anyone else, I can answer that. I do not do predictive astrology, career questions or answer relationship and/or marriage questions. You can visit me at my website

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I have been a practicing astrology for over 30 years. I have a private practice, teach class's and workshops.


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Level 1, 11, 111 Astrological Institute Best in class for all level's

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Marie10/10/12101010Thank you so much! :D
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2015-08-07 8th house:

In Astrology everything depends on everything else.  One of the things Jupiter can mean is marriage to a person well off, it can also mean you make investments that pay off well.  The other side of Jupiter

2012-11-25 Gemini/Cancer cusp:

First you are a Cancer and always had that sign as your sun sign.  When we are young we often use our Moon energy more than we use our Sun energy, your Moon is in Sagittarius so you had a bit more of a

2012-10-10 Question about friendships:

You asked an interesting question.  I look at astrology as energy, when we are born we take a breath and that point in time inhabits our body and energy field. Comparability is all about how two energy

2012-06-24 moon in virgo or libra?:

your natal chart is always your natal chart, so even the moon moving so soon after your birth would not make it a Libra Moon.  On the other hand if your time of birth is off you could have a natal Moon

2011-11-10 Male signs:

You are correct the story of the Twins is the story of Romulus and Remus twin brothers who were left by their parents when infants, they were both raised by a female wolf. As adults they had a quarrel


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