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O'm..Gam: Ganapathaye namah: Sri Gurubhyom Namaha...Under my Master's and Guru's blessings, I can answer questions relating to Astrology ,with my 40 yrs of experience. May be that Compatability of horoscopes for Marriages, remedial measures in delayed marriages, progress in the studies and higher-level of education , getting jobs, promotional chances, financial stability, health problems,disputes in the family and outside, monetary-problems,tensions, worries etc. I will advise some remedial measures also for propitiating the planets i.e.,Santhi, Homa, japa, Navadhanya-daana , Ratna-dharana etc.,calculating the strength of the planets, and the running mahardasas in their Zodiacal birth signs. Even then, frankly speaking, WE SHOULD experience some Negative results, what ever Parihaara you will do. I feel that my MASTERS will speak through me. This is all my MASTER'S Voice, what I feel in my predictions. If my predictions are correct the CREDIT goes to my Masters and Gurus only. Regarding Vasthu also, I will suggest some techniques, to benefit for the entire family members. My contact Numbers....+91 9849519456., and +91 8465846856

Experience in the area

I have been following this subject for more than 40 years and I have attended more than 5000 queries till now, through this channel. In the areas of Astrlology and Vasthu, I have done some services to the public,voluntarily.If anyone offers Guru dakshina, I will spend the same for..Dharmic sevas,like oldage-homes, orphanages, etc.and MUKAMBA seva..MU..muga(Dumb),KA..kandlu, kaallu leni (in Telugu) blind and lame and BA.. badhira ( Deaf), as a squireel's help. I want to help the physically handicapped... Astrology (jyothishyam) is an infinite and in-depth subject. I will learn everyday, from every one. It's study is an on-going and all-round learning from the live experiences. Even today,I frankly agree that I am a student in this subject.No one can claim that he is a Master, except he is a Tapaswi or Maharshi. The Depth of this subject is beyond a human's recognition, to speak frankly and OPENLY.


Professionally speaking, I am a Retired Manager, in State Bank of India .With a service-motto, I do these voluntary-astrological services, and give Vasthu ( house-related) suggessions.To help others is my Hobby, Motto and my Ambition. Through Internet and Mobile calls I do these services. At present through this channel, everyday, I attend 2 or 3 mails. I may increase it in future.


So-far,I have not published anything. I may publish in future, if my Masters, Gurus and Elders bless me.And also if you all, readers and writers support me.


Basically ,I am a post graduate in Economics i.e.,M.A(Economics). Ancestorly, I learnt this subject from the Basics from my father's brother Sri.Jagannadheswara sarma (Late), and from my father Sri.Ahobaleswara sarma (late). And,in the begining, I have read some pages of Astrological texts, like Brihat Parasara, Varaha samhita, Kalamritham etc. I used to be a subscriber for B V RAMANS Astrological magazines, for some time.I have learnt this subject partly,from my elders, in my child hood, and still practising and knowing the subject everyday.I am very much fond-of this subject. I do believe in its reality. This is an ancient subject.I repeat that this is 70% or 80% true, depending upon the Place, time and accuracy of birth. UPAASANA is adequately and mostly essential for some predictions.

Awards and Honors

I do the same as a voluntary service. Public satisfaction and encouragement is also like an AWARD and Honour. I got very good appreciation from the customers., and still I have been receiving appreciating messages, through Phone calls and e' mail messages.So, I have answered 5000-above questions in this channel.

Past/Present Clients

through e'mails,telephones,and what's apps,I attend to the customer-calls.Generally people meet me personally, at my leisure times. Although,this is a voluntary service, those who can offer Guru Dakshina, can please remit their Dakshina to my Axis Bank a/c-favouring M V Subba Rao, at Axis Bank, Ongole,IFSC code:UTIB0000275, Account No.275010100039118. Or they may remit in State Bank of India a/c of MV Subba Rao SB A/C No. 10957459257..IFSC Code being SBIN0000890. Sending Guru Dakshina is voluntary only. The amount will be partly used for Dharmic Sevas,i.e., helping the orphans,poor,disabled,(lame,blind,deaf and dumb) for Dharma prachaar like Go-samrakshana etc... For Mobile +91 9849519456, landline 08592-235570 and e mail:

What do you like about this subject?

For every-one,it is always curious to learn about their future.Knowing some-thing about the future is also interesting for all. That is possible through this subject only.I welcome the criticism also, because it will enrich my knowledge.If my predictions are correct, the credit will go to my GURUS/ MASTERS. If any failures are there ,they are my mistakes only.

What do you still hope to achieve/learn in this field?

I want to help others, and show them a problem-free, joyful and a fully-contented-happy life, with my lengthy experience.If that is done, I am successful. I extremely respect all my GURUS and also the Legends in this area, who sacrificed and will sacrifice their time for the welfare of the people. I humbly do my pranaams/namaskarams to all my Revered Masters and Gurus.

Something interesting about this subject that others may not know:

The purpose of learning this subject is to help others,globally and now-a-days ,through this media (e'mails and phones).Knowing some-thing about the future is curious for any one, and also interesting for all.That is possible through this subject only.Customer's satisfaction is my target and final goal.Their happiness is my happiness.

Something controversial or provocative about this subject

Some real things,if they have to be informed, we should tell them in-directly. We should never create anxiety, sorrow, tension and terror in the minds of the customers. Instead, we may send a meaningful caution indirectly, sensitively for their psychological-preparedness, readyness and timely approach..

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Chary 10/22/16101010Thank you sir
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Sanjit... You have kaal sarpa dosha.. But it has no bad effect on you.  If it be it was over. From Dec 2016 you will be happy. Controle your anger and expenses. controle your thoughts, by regular meditation

2016-10-10 Child Birth:

Rishabh.. as per wife's chart have  Santan yoga... After Nov 2016 you can try.  2) as per husband"s chart also there is santan yoga. But in March 2017 it is there.  Dont worry...In a few months

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... from Jan 2017 some favourable period will start... If it skips some delay may happen...  From Aug 2016, some unfavourable period is running. Upto the end of 2018 it will run. Please Try well after

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palwasha... a very good match will come.  After April 2017 a good period will start. Possibly in May the dates may be confirmed. Now Ketu mahardasha is running/. From June 2014 unfavourable is going on

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The present period is not good.  Jup- Rahu period s are running. After May 2017 some growth can be observed. Saturn period will start from Apr 2018. It is good. But sade sath period for 7.5 years will


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