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Marriage,Delay,Compatibility,Marital Discord,relationship problems, Children and Childbirth problems,Divorce,etc

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I Have been an Amateur Astrologer on various Vedic Astrology Forums like Ammas.Com,Light on Vedic Astrology,Mystic Board,myastrology signs to name a few for number of Years. I am happy to say that I have been fairly successful in predictions ofcourse with blessings of the Great Lord. I also conduct programs like"know Thyself","Emotional intelligence" "Transactional Analysis" "Body Language" and the like. This is purely a service activity.


Senior Management cadre in an Engineering Unit.


Engineer with Post Grad in Management.

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Visiting professor in Engineering colleges.

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Astrological readings are based on your past Karma. To understand,imagine being like a Cow tied by a strong Rope in a field and set to graze. The length of the rope is based on your past Karma. Now free will is what the cow decides to do with the Rope tied. Ofcourse the decision to enhance this length of Rope[Karma]is in the Hands of the Great Master of the field -The Great Lord!!!

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I believe in the use of free will,and that Astrology must be used in a positive fashion. In other words it is possible that with sincere positive efforts,and sincere prayers, it is possible to withstand/overcome any calamity.

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2015-12-23 marriage:

Hello Ayesha,  There appears to be delay in your marriage and under normal  circumstances it may get delayed by another two years.You must be careful  in your choice as otherwise you will end up with unhappy

2015-12-21 love:

You have a good possibility of meeting your soul mate   by mid september next year.The trouble is you are very sensitive  and emotional by nature and have lost some good opportunities in past.  Yes,you

2015-12-20 Progeny aspects:

Dear Nilesh,  Yes,there is a delay in Child birth seen,but not denial.  You both do have child in your Horoscope.But there are Doshas seen  in Horoscope.Under normal circumstances the Child birth could

2015-12-17 Love life:

Hi,  Lets first understand your problem based on the positions of planets at time of your birth and present positions. You have nothing to worry unduly but correct yourself based on the following Astrological

2014-08-27 Marriage:

Namaste Aishu,  You were born in Purvashada Nakshatra and he was born in Vishaka  Nakshatra.You are running your Dasha of Moon.  Every one is born with some good and bad Karmas carried forward  from previous


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