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I specialise in relationship compatibility. We all want to know that the partner we have invested so much of our time in, is the one. I use universal energy here to answer questions such as " are we made for one another? Is my partner being faithful to me? does he/she love me?" Can you tell me more about my children... Is there someone at work that you just can't get along with? I can answer your questions...all answers here will be very brief. I do offer full paid readings if you would like that choice.

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I have been doing readings for over 35 years helping people from all walks of life get clarity and insight into their problems.


I have written for magazines and radio interviews around the world.

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2016-06-06 love:

Dear Christina    Thank you for your question. As I volunteer here to help people like yourself who need clarity and answers to life’s challenging problems we’re faced with…I am only able to give a brief

2016-06-06 love:

Dear Christina    Thank you for your question. Please can I ask you to verify if your birthday is 12 May 1974 or 5 December 1974? I get questions from all over the world and different people use a different

2016-05-15 reconciliation/divorce:

Dear Anjani    Thank you for your question. Some of the things I write in your answer you may not want to hear….but I write the truth and with respect to you always ok? :- )  As I volunteer here to help

2015-10-10 love:

Dear Jaime,    Thank you for your question and please accept my apologies for not replying sooner. I write for 8 websites giving my time and sometimes I have to stop one or 2 – thank you for understanding

2012-10-08 Fashion Showcase:

Hi Rachel,    Thank you for your question. I have done your reading but do not send through "allexperts" if it is not marked "private" as it has personal information for you.    Please either re ask the


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