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I would answer for marriage (love or arrange), divorce, transfer, promotion, carrier, competitive exams, success in buisseness or service, match making,court cases, longevity, financial status & recovery etc. I will deal any two questions from an individual at a time.For specific question contact on +919229422754.

Experience in the area

Since 1972 i am practising astrology (krishnamurty padhati),i have solved more than 60,000 cases succsessfully. I have dealt with different types of queries related to human life situations eg.promotions, transfer, terminations, visa clearence, pregnancy, success in job or buissness, timing for the fructification of an event whatever it was . I suppose my accuracy is more than 95%.

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B.E.(Electrical), M.A.(sanskrit)

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I have a number of clients belonging to different categories such as Physicians, engineers, contractors, politicians including MLA, MPs, govt. officers including IAS,IPS officers & directors, chief executives of industries & public sectors.

What do you still hope to achieve/learn in this field?

i want to study day to events of individual in routine life .

Something interesting about this subject that others may not know:

my aims to find links in parallel nativity , genetically/ personnel traits in form of disease /mentality , & timings of events of a native in day to day life .

Something controversial or provocative about this subject

Vedic system is a very wide & generalized & full of contradictions & controversies . yog system analysis such as budh -aaditya , kal-sarpa , pitra-dosha ,nadi dosha guru chandal yog etc are rough & generalized with missing important links for judgement & decision.My aim is to find remedies which can be applicable universally beyond caste / creed & religion .

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Ananya09/15/16101010Thank you.
apurva shah02/01/16101010THANKS SIR

Recent Answers from K.K.SHARMA

2015-12-13 Education/ Marriage/change karma:

pushpashrri , your  birth chart potential does not indicate mental stability  success in higher education or permanent stay in abroad etc . however you can change to some extent all so called past karmas

2015-12-02 Education/ Marriage/change karma:

pushpa shree - give lati/longi of chilaw  so that i may help you .

2015-11-26 financial status:

prasad  as per vedik astrology  all three factors are present in your birth chart .as you born in vrishbha lagna so shani dasha is good for you,as shani is yog karka so  its transit or sadesati will be

2015-08-08 Manglik:

Priyamvada - true you have mars in 8th house but it is  with guru , there is a rule if mangal is is with guru mangal dosha gets cancelled  , most important point is that both mangal and guru is placed

2015-07-22 marriage:

hema  you will marry after november 2016 to may 2017  arranged married , every event in human life is predecided and  presettled in our life so we can not reduce delay in time by prayers /anushthan /or


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