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April Braswell CHt RH


I can cover quite a range of topics regarding how Hypnotism empowers clients to release their addiction and association with the most common topics for which clients seek out a professional certified hypnotist, Smoking as well as Chewing and Dipping Tobacco, and Weight Loss. In addition, I can address questions about hypnosis helping people to release stress, reduce pain and anxiety, public speaking fear and anxiety, and prepare for surgery and procedures such as Radiation and Chemotherapy for Cancer wherever you are seeking treatment for your health and well-being.

Experience in the area

I have been working with clients with hypnosis in both Northern and Southern California as well as internationally by phone and skype for over 20 years now.


IHF - International Hypnosis Federation IACH - International Association of Clinical Hypnotists


Masters and PhD Studies Mind Body Wellness at the Institute of Integral Studies in San Francisco as well as multiple certifications in areas of hypnosis in Marin County at the Foundation for Inner Light, the Desert School of Hypnosis in Las Vegas, NV, and the La Puma Hypnosis Institute in Orange County, CA.

Past/Present Clients

This would be inappropriate to cite because all hypnosis sessions are confidential.

What do you like about this subject?

As a professional Hypno-Coach, I adore helping to empower clients for their success and to live the life they desire using the Power of the Mind and their Whole Brain.

Something interesting about this subject that others may not know:

So many people feel like failures because "Willpower" (aka your rational mind) alone doesn't work. It never can. Instead, follow the example of leading sports athletes and Hollywood star celebreties who hire their own dedicated hypnotherapist to travel with, empower your success with the power of your Whole Brain with hypnosis.

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