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Amit Kataria ( Prem Amit)


I am a certified hypnotist from Mumbai, India. I can answer questions related to self hynosis which is self-induced and normally makes use of self-suggestion.Also I can answer questions related to hypnotherapy, whereby patients willing to de-addict can stop smoking,drinking or any form of addiction or even loose weight including various other things.

Experience in the area

I have had an opportunity to hypnotise and also cure many persons using hypnotherapy and self hypnosis. Generally people come for removal of fear or addictions and the way they look at things. Hypnosis helps in removal of existing physcological conditioning,fear and addictions.


1) Certified Hypnotist - Certified in Mumbai (India) 2) Osho International Meditation Facilitator - Certified in Pune (India)

Past/Present Clients

My clients are generally students in schools and colleges, housewifes and professional and executive.

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