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I am a hypnotherapy educator with over twenty five years experience in the field. Expertise in both Ericksonian and traditional applications.

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Educator of the Year (2009) from the International Association of Counselors and Therapists (IACT)

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Recent Answers from Michael Watson

2015-10-12 Stuttering:

Hi Michele -  Thanks for writing.    Hypnosis is often used very successfully for stuttering.    I'm a bit surprised that during 6 years of therapy, it wasn't suggested.    Of course, each case is unique

2014-03-12 Puzzling my mind:

To be clear from the start - Having not seen you or talked to you directly, my response is based solely on my limited understanding of your situation. And I don't really hear you complaining ..... (you

2014-01-02 self-hypnosis and self induced deep trances:

I would have to write a book on self hypnosis to answer your question as there is a lot you want.  Not only how to hypnotize yourself to get into the deepest state you can.  How to "force" your jumpy mind

2013-07-26 Can it help depression/anxiety?:

Hello Kelly -    Of course I can't give you suggestions about medical treatments for your depression - especially with so little information.    Are you under a doctor's care and have you asked him/her

2013-06-07 Narco-Hypnosis:

I'm sorry I missed this follow up question, as I've been traveling extensively in the last two months and it must have fallen through the cracks.    This really is outside my expertise, so this isn't an


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