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I can answer questions on Hypnosis, Hypnotherapy, NLP, and general personal change work. (I have some experience in EFT and EMDR, but not as much as hypnosis.) I will not debate the subject, attempt to justify it, or argue which modality is better than another. Please ask serious and specific questions so that I can give a specific answer. The more information you provide the better answer I can give. NOTE: In light of recent trolls, I will reject any question which is argumentative. I intened to provide information only to people seeking help. Those who need to argue can go elsewhere.

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I trained in stage hypnosis and have worked in the field since 1968. I use traditional hypnosis, Ericksonian hypnosis and NLP in my work with private clients. I teach classes in Hypnosis and NLP and moderate the highly popular Hypnosis-Hypnotherapy group on Yahoo.

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2016-06-04 Memory recall....:

Hi Steve,    I think that you are seeing a distinction where there is none ... or at least not an important one.  Memories are memories and one can say that there is always some emotion attached.    That

2012-07-07 Finding a Hypnotst/Hypnotherapist Near Me:

Hi Gary,    I would really recommend that you avoid recordings and find someone who is skilled to help you.  The basic problem is that a hypnotist (as distinguished from a recording) can act as a kind

2011-11-20 self-affirmation and visualisation:

Hi Mee,    The short answer is that it does not really matter.  The wonderful thing about the mind is that whatever you THINK will work, WILL work.    Recall that the very first affirmation was coined

2011-11-12 help:

Antonio,    I think that your doing some exercises that you know is a good thing.  However, this situation is sufficiently complex (given your conflicting emotions) that I really think you need to talk

2011-05-23 Weight-loss surgery:

Hi Nadine,    Sorry for the delay.  I've been having some unbelievable computer problems.    Yes, I've heard the same story from those who have had the surgery.  The problem is that it does not address


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