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I am able to answer questions relating to psychological and clinical hypnosis, self-hypnosis, trance states, and related areas (NLP, EMDR, African Voudoun, and the demonstration of hypnosis-related phenomena).

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Principal investigator of a Fulbright-funded study examining the immunomodulative effects of hypnosis on an HIV-positive population (PI of Song HIV Lab, Makerere University Hospital). A founding member of the Institute for Mind/Body Research and Education, I am responsible for training over 3000 people every year in advanced hypnosis techniques. A research psychologist, I examine mental control (with a special interest in hypnosis) through experimental and neuroscientific methods. Currently, I hold membership in a variety of lay-hypnosis organizations, as well as the American Psychological Association and its Division 30.

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Recent Answers from James Song

2013-04-18 re: alpha state:

So long as you are in control of your thoughts and thinking, you won't fall asleep.  When you start to lose track of them, you fall asleep.  It's neither wrong nor uncommon to want to enjoy the relaxation


Hello Gary,    Thanks for your question.  I currently run the New York-based hedge fund, Fury Capital.  As a neuroscientist and psychologist, I use my expertise to analyze certain securities for their

2012-06-03 Experiencing Deep Trance Phenomena:

Hi Gary,    I understand your concern.  It is indeed easier (and thus more efficient) to first be hypnotized by someone than to try to find a deep state of hypnosis on your own.  However, "someone" does

2011-11-20 self-affirmation and visualisation:

Actually, it's not a fact that one can change himself via positive self-affirmation and visualization.  It happens, but that doesn't mean it happens for everyone -- there are exceptions.  What it's really

2010-11-23 hillo:

Hello,    With respect to your follow up questions:    1) There is some change, but we are not talking inches.  There are just too many factors involved to grow a limb inches in length -- bone, muscle


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