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I will help with questions: Please send me your date of birth and name. Plus anyone involved. Keep this free service ;) to one question. There will be no tolerance for meaness or being rude. XXXXXX I am here to guide you; outcomes of directions that you may or have chosen. We are in charge or our own actions and choices.. there is a different outcome of your life every twist and turn you make. If you need Please one question** Please :) I do full readings for $3.00US to $12.00US *Very affordable* Reliable* Fast contact* For immediate help* EMAIL ME Powerful_Readings@hotmail.com http://powerful-readings.webs.com/ **Daily free horoscopes, teachings... Paypal only Accepted

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I am a Psychic and Tarot Reader, palm, rune stones, tea leave . My abilities include clairvoyance, and precognition. I am also empathetic and will help the best I can to my ability. I am not here to tell you answers I am here to guide you and outcomes of directions that you may or have chosen... We are in charge or our own actions and choices.. there is a different outcome of your life every twist and turn you make. I have had premonitions since my mother can remember predicting such things as family troubles and woes before happening, moving on to neighbors predicting there twins a month before conceiving. Telling a perfect stranger to get her arm looked after and that I saw her in trouble very soon, finding out there was a blood clot 2 days later in the arm. I see things and I will try to help guide you. We all have roads to travel there is no right and wrong however there is an outcome for each and every decision. I have been giving readings professionally for over 15 years


THE ANGLIA SCHOOL OF PSYCHIC DEVELOPMENT ADVANCED DIPLOMA PROFESSIONAL Such courses include: TAROT CONSULTANCY COURSE Dreams interpretation course through Local College Crystal and gem healing and auras course

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If you need IMMEDIATE ANSWERS Today guidance EMAIL ME Powerful_Readings@hotmail.com $3.00US-$12.00US for a full reading! http://powerful-readings.webs.com/ Paypal only Accepted I will Contact you within hours!!!!! Also arrange a call on keen I will connect with you! www.keen.com/Chairity Email me for a few free minutes for new people :)

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Lori08/09/12101010Thank you.
Jessica09/11/09101010Thank you so much Chairity for the .....
Jen08/17/09101010Wonderful wisdom. Thank you for your help .....
Jen08/16/09101010very interesting and insightful. thanks

Recent Answers from Chairity

2009-09-11 The direction my life is going:

The 6 of swords tells me that you have indeed as you can tell by this email ...  you are going through a literal and metaphorical sense of grief.        You are trying to leave a situation that is no longer

2009-07-14 marital disharmony:

Nitisha I would absolutely take a look further and investigate your marriage.  Something is red flagging you and there is an uprising issue coming and going to surface soon.    Whether there is someone

2009-07-02 Could you give me please?:

NOTE TO PEOPLE READ THIS BEFORE YOU JUDGE THIS WAS THE MOST CRAZIEST RESPONSE BACK FROM HER EVER!!!   Her question was "Could you please let me know your outlook on online singles sites? Do you feel these

2009-07-02 Prison sentence:

I do not know why you rated me so horribly>????  I gave you an honest answer and a good outcome as Pedro has one....    I have never gotten a low rating and am insulted on your poor descion I do this for

2009-07-01 Trip:

Are you already expecting a proposal?    When asking the cards what this trip holds the first card was the knight of cups describes a person whose heart rules his head.  Traditionally the knight of cups


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