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ONE Tarot card drawn for you - I connect to your energies in the subconscious realm, my spirit guides will give you a brief answer.


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Michail12/02/16101010Thank you for your reading
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Recent Answers from Gipsy

2016-11-20 Love:

The one Tarot card for you is Knight of Cups which says to you that yes a guy will come, but how open is heart is towards you is dependent on the love that you share with him. So instead of focusing on

2016-10-29 Soulmate:

The one Tarot card for you is 3 of Cups which says to you that yes you have every chance of meeting your soulmates, because you love to socialize. But remember that happiness comes from within, and it's

2016-10-21 Love:

The one Tarot card for you is Temperance which says to you, your chances to be together is unlikely as deemed by Fate, as you made your choice and started the wheel of Fate a long time ago. So now he is

2016-10-18 Love:

The one Tarot card for you is The Star which says to you, yes!!! soon!!!! you will feel the connection between the both of you, like you've met in lives before, you'll know this by the level of comfort

2016-09-22 Soulmate:

The one Tarot card for you is The High Priestess which says to you that you should search within your heart to see if things are aligned in a balanced way, for getting married is a serious thing, a serious


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