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returns 12/31/2016

Hi everybody-I will answer any type of every day question-love,money,etc.,but can only give the timing of events in proximations. I use the Rider-Waite deck for confirmation of the information received, but I basically read intuitively. I've had advanced tarot card training, along with three years of offering accurate readings to people who write in with questions here at AllExperts.

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I have taken beginner and advanced tarot courses. People who I have already read for say that I am a very good reader, and can pick up a lot of details from just a few cards. My ratings and feedbacks from querents are also a testement to my abilities.


I have taken beginner and advanced tarot courses at the local community college and new age shops in my locality.

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Laura07/10/16101010Hello marie. Thank you so much for .....
...07/08/16101010Thank you.
Sophia01/04/131010Thank you for replying to my question .....

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2016-07-10 love:

Hi Dre, if there's someone else behind the scenes, it's not another female/girlfriend, it looks like other people get in his ear, telling him things, and trying to convince him of things that aren't true

2016-07-09 message:

You are undertaking some project now, and you are supposed to keep going on with it. It is going to be good for you. I don't see you giving it up anyway. It looks like you are actually constructing something

2016-07-08 love:

HI Veronique,I see you having these thought and feelings going around in your mind a lot. That won't make anything come true unless you decide to find a way to make yourself known to men, especially the

2016-07-08 Success as a fashion designer?:

HI, I do see that you will make this a full time career. You will also do something else on the side, something totally different, like, are you a good cook? It might have something to do with food of

2016-07-08 love life:

HI Racheli, well, I see you have a better chance of that than some other person I just read for. You have options and choices. It looks like you are active and get to meet people, where some other people


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