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I can offer advice to Non-Egyptian women who are in a relationship with Egyptian men and feeling confused. Many, but far from all, women meet their partners while on holiday in Egypt. The circumstances vary but in any situation there is almost no unbiased advice, let alone factual and complete information, currently available to the very many women who find themselves each year in utterly uncharted territory. The culture is vastly different from that in the "West", the learning curve is steep and the "facts" depend on many variants, but I will do my best to help where I can. I am compiling a knowledge base, including details of Egyptian law, but also about customs, lifestyles and the experiences of other women. There is no "Yes" or "No" answer to whether a particular relationship or lifestyle will work out for a given individual but by entering into it with open eyes, an informed view and sensible support the experience will be a more positive one.

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I am British, married to an Egyptian since 1997 and have lived with my partner in the UK and in Egypt, both with and without my in-laws. I have two children, both of whom were born in Egypt. We have lived in Cairo since 2004. After all this time I am still learning about how it is to be married to an Egyptian and live in Egypt. It is a long learning curve. I regularly encounter women who have been disappointed with their relationship with an Egyptian and their lives in Egypt, as well as others who are happy with both. I am in contact with the obvious official bodies in Cairo (British Embassy, Community Services Association) as well as outside (I.A.F. in Frankfurt) who might have any information or help at all for women in relationships with Egyptians. I have found them all predominantly lacking in practical advice. I am keen to do something to rectify this and am interested to hear from any women who are or who have been in relationships with Egyptian men who might be interested to participate in surveys or who have topics they feel need covering, such as the "gigolos of Hurghada" (and elsewhere), child custody law, circumcision, your teenage mixed-marriage daughter, the relationship with your mother in law, Egyptian toilette, taxation, property and business ownership, safety, the childbirth experience in Egypt, conversion to Islam, contact between the sexes etc. etc.


M.A. University of Cambridge, U.K. (unrelated subject).

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