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I can help you with your travel related questions before you visit Egypt. I know most of the little hidden tricks and tips and can be of great aid to you when planning a holiday as I live in Port Said and work as lecturer.

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Although I live in Port Said, i travelled to most of the egyptian cities and have good idea about visiting many places.


I hold a PhD from the University of Liverpool, UK in Civil Engineering

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megan07/28/16101010Thanks.will try that next time I .....
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Recent Answers from Mohamed Mostafa

2016-04-14 I need help writing an address:

As I see, this is a small area in Egypt. no house number is needed in most cases.    Regarding post code, there is one and she should be able to give it to you to make it easier for delivery.    general

2014-11-13 how to get visa invitation for egyptian:

Good day    you will need to send him an official invitation certified at a UK police station. Then you can fax it to the UK embassy alongside with documents showing your financial ability to host him

2013-09-10 Request for egyptian to come to USA:

Hi Rose    If I understand right, you want to bring your freind to the USA as a worker. This is too much difficult. I think the easy way is to invite him for a visit (visitor VISA). this can allow him

2013-06-26 Met a Egyptian man on line:

Dear Yasmine    I see the story as repeated one. I can see your worries and you are 100% right to worry. You can not trust what has been sent to you as documents can be falsified easily. The only thing

2013-06-20 Met a Egyptian man on line:

Sorry Yasmine; that was an automatic reply. I meant that I answered similar questions before. However, if you wish, I can consider it again but you need to re-send it as it is not in the data base any


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