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I am already working as Hindi expert on this site & have worked diligently to answer the questions about Hindi. I would also like to volunteer as an expert in Sanskrit language in "Ancient Languages" category. I can answer all the questions about the Sanskrit language, its grammar & syntax & also ancient vedic civilization.

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I am in this field for more than 10 years & have done translations in every field.


I have taken educational training in Sanskrit for 5 years & have been doing translations online for more than 3 years now.

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My blog on Sanskrit quotes: received Indic Blogger's award for best blog in Sanskrit category by Microsoft BhashaIndia Project. You may also see the client testimonials on my online translations blog:

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Recent Answers from Kiran Paranjape

2014-08-24 Etymology of ekagrata:

The word एकाग्रता is a noun derived from एकाग्र  It splits into एक + अग्र   ए

2013-03-07 Translation from English to Sanskrit:

युवाभ्यां न कदापि प्रतिदातुं शक्न

2013-03-07 Translation from English to Sanskrit:

The word 'you' is addressed to two people  i.e, your father and mother or to many?

2013-02-05 Sanskrit Translation:

This too shall pass = गच्छेदेतदपि [literally: This shall go [away], too]    Know Thyself = आत्मानं

2013-02-04 Sanskrit Translation:

Please let us know which one sentence your daughter prefers  and I will translate accordingly.


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