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Fritz Allhoff, Ph.D.


My areas of specialization are in ethical theory and applied ethics, particularly biomedical ethics, military ethics, and technology ethics.

Experience in the area

I am a university professor with years of teaching and publishing experience.


Many, please see website:


Ph.D. in philosophy.

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David07/05/09101010Very quick, honest response. Thanks Dr. Fritz!
John10/27/08It is trully tragic that you take .....

Recent Answers from Fritz Allhoff, Ph.D.

2009-10-08 Ethics:

Man, I've been teaching ethics for a long time and have never heard that one.  I guess it depends on what you mean by 'obligation' and what the moral basis therein is.  A bank cares less if you don't pay

2009-07-05 Ethical Considerations Claiming Credentials:

Hello,  This is pretty clearly never ethical.  It's misleading, disingenuous, and unfair to those who have actually done real Ph.D.s.  I think, though, that the problem isn't necessarily with the people

2008-11-15 Future Studies / Becoming a Futurist:

Hi Peter,  This isn't an area that you'd directly study in a philosophy program, but rather you'd study ethical theory, etc., and could then write on this.  (It's sort of a fringe area, though, and one

2008-10-27 Use of Patient as Learning Tools:

Dear John,  I'm an ethicist, not a lawyer, so I might be the wrong person to contact.  If you really wanted "redress" at this point, you'd need to take some action and an ethicist doesn't help you much

2008-08-21 ethics:

Well, different people have different answers, of course.  Aristotle--who is the most well-known virtue ethicist--though that virtue was the "mean" between excess and deficiency.  So courage, is a virtue


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