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Questions relating to the playing and aquisition of HAMMERED dulcimers only,excluding appraisals of vintage instruments.

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Performer /composer of music for the Hammered Dulcimer.


40 year background in percussion / performance

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Recent Answers from Joseph Eisenhart

2014-08-04 hammered dulcimer value:

 Hi Jill, value depends on condition and number of octaves. If the # of paired strings on the right hand bridge is less than 16, the used value between 200 and 400, so long as it holds a tune, and has

2011-04-14 How to tune a 12/5 Harvey Prinz Dulcimer:

  Jim, I'm not able to find a tuning schedule for this model. However, it has been my experience that the existing notes would be no farther out (lower) than one full step. With an electronic tuner, bring

2010-04-19 dulcimer bone nut:

 Hello Russ, back away from the cat : ) I'm going to recommend that you pose this question to the builders forum at EverythingDulcimer.com . My dulcimer experience is w/ the hammered variety, but I have

2010-01-17 vintage hammer dulcimer:

 Very nice David ! I've seen pieces from this period sell in the $100 - $200 range. Original,sound structural condition is always preferable to a well intentioned restoration. As in any case of antique

2009-06-30 hammered dulcimer appraisals:

 Hello Peter, neither of these 2 models are in production any longer. James has replaced several of his earlier models under the umbrella of the 3/16/18/9 Custom Performance, which I play, and currently


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