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Commercial Trucking regulations. DOT inspection information. Data Q challenges PA Traffic and Equipment Regulations Out of service criteria.

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Police Officer 1986-2011 Weighmaster 1990-2011 DOT Enforcement Certified 1999-2011 Haz-Mat Inspector 2007-2011 Class A CDL Holder CDL Instructor


Fraternal Order of Police ( life member)


American Association of Service Professionals Newsletter


Harrisburg Area Community College 35th Police Academy Community College of the Air Force PA certified 3rd party CDL tester.

Past/Present Clients

A number of trucking / transportation companies in PA and NJ

What do you like about this subject?

The opportunity to use my background and experience go help others succeed in the CMV / Transportation industry.

Something interesting about this subject that others may not know:

The Federal Regulations are certainly very broad and in some cases, vague. The North American Standard Out of Service Criteria is very specific and is something every trucking / transportation company should have a copy of. They come out every April.

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manuel07/05/16101010thank you, just finished studiing the fmcsa .....
Prashant S Akerkar05/11/16101010Dear Andy Thanks. Prashant
wyatt04/18/161010did not really answer my question just .....
Prashant S Akerkar11/24/15101010Dear Andy Thanks. Thanks & Regards, Prashant .....

Recent Answers from Andy Blair

2017-01-13 Broker:

Tim;      Dump truck loads are 99% local hauling and brokers rarely get involved with them. You would need to fin doubt what company local to you uses owner operators and see if you can do work for them

2017-01-10 dump trucks:

Tim;      You have a couple of options with this.      1.  You can lease yourself out to another company and work under their DOT authority.  That way you don't have to get your own operating authority

2016-11-20 Curious:

Dan;    First off, sorry for the delay.  I was on vacation.     Anyway, when you take your Class C CDL test, it will have to be in a vehicle that requires a Class C CDL.  So a Class C bus would be a good

2016-08-27 Selling an MC # to new owners:

JR.     ( I just got back from vacation , sorry for the delay)      Someone can buy an existing company and keep the DOT / MC numbers as part of the company " package".   What they will have to do is of

2016-05-11 CNG as Tractor Fuel System.:

Hello Preshant;     Absolutely yes.   United Parcel Service ( UPS) already does this with Compressed Natural Gas.     CNG is a refrigerated liquid so it takes  special fueling stations , the typiocal


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