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I am a professional performer, and attained status of Gold Star Member of The Inner Magic Circle and, over and above this highest degree, I am only one of about a dozen performers alive who has been awarded their coveted 'Silver Wand'. I perform at the highest level as well as train and coach both beginners and experts in learning a few tricks to creating a brand new award winning act. I ran The Summer School at The Magic Circle for many years as well as booked performers for the monthly public shows. I run a company called `MagicWorks` which provides magic for adult private and corporate events, television, film and theatre productions. I also hold training workshops and seminars, teleconferences and online training on using magic in business, performing at Trade Shows, Magic for Presenters etc and provide after dinner or conference talks and speeches all on the subject of business and personnel development. This includes creativity, presentation, online and offline marketing etc.

Experience in the area

Whilst I have been a performer for many years I now spend an increasing amount of time as a personal and business coach, using magic as a metaphor in my teaching and training sessions. I have several Internet Businesses that include Coaching and Mentoring entertainers in the whole business of self Branding, Promotion, Marketing and filling their diaries with bookings.


I have been mentored by the leading magicians in the world and achieved top status at The Magic Circle. This means I became Gold Star Member Of The INNER Magic Circle! Also .... I am a trained coach.

Awards and Honors

I achieved Gold Star Member of The Inner Magic Circle I was awarded The Silver Wand by The Magic Circle for services to magic and TMC I was bestowed with Lifelong Membership of MOB - The Magicians Of Basingstoke

What do you like about this subject?

Magic has taken me all over the world. It transcends cultures and is a wonderful tool for communication. It can bring out the 'child' in anyone and everyone taking us again to a place of wonderment where anything and everything is possible.

What do you still hope to achieve/learn in this field?

I am always learning. New tricks? Yes, although I know thousands I'll never use. I am learning more and more about people ..... that's where the answers are.

Something interesting about this subject that others may not know:

Magic dates back to cavemen. The magic takes place in the mind of the viewer. It's all about perception. Practice does NOT make perfect! Practice makes permanent! Only perfect practice makes perfect!

Something controversial or provocative about this subject

Doing tricks is easy. The REAL magic is in the presentation. It comes from within YOU. That's how you make magic magical.....adding yourself.

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Zahra04/10/15101010Hi and thanks a lot

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