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Well i wouldn`t say that i am an expert, but i love doing magic. All types. I do close-up, stage, escape, and even a little mentalism. If i don`t have the answer that you are looking for then i`ll try to find it out for you. So i`ll try to do my best to help you out. Thanks.

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2015-10-22 magic:

The best mentalism effect...that's a tough one.    Of course it's a very subjective question and really up to the performer. In general, you should take into account a few things:    How comfortable/enjoyable

2015-03-04 best effects:

Hey Blaze, thanks for your question. For the first part, I tend to think that any trick with an unexpected outcome is great. Any trick that you pose as many challenges and limitations to yourself in favor

2014-10-27 basic principles:

Magic is one of those: easy-to-learn, difficult-to-master kind of arts. I think a large failure point in magic is the lack of originality.  There is an immense amount of overlap and copying that comes

2012-04-06 Where to learn this trick:

I'm really not supposed to reveal the secrets of magic tricks, but I'll give this one away to you with some heavy hints:    The dollar bill is not the only object she's using.  There's sleight of hand

2011-10-07 The Ultimate Mind Reading Trick:

Well I've searched, but have not been able to find a place where you can get this secret for free.  I did however find a comment stating that the volunteer must write down their thought or word and hand


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