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I have expertise with answering questions about American board games since 1950. I have a special interest in family games. If I don't know an answer, I can assist with finding helpful resources. I am not an expert with answering wargame, eurogame and online board game questions.

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I have served as a community guest speaker on board game topics. I enjoy researching and discussing various aspects of board games. As a group therapist, I have used board games for therapeutic purposes.


I have graduate degrees in education and counseling.

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Teresa11/18/16101010Hi Don~ Oh my Gosh, it IS .....
Prashant S Akerkar09/22/16101010Dear Don Thanks. Prashant
Prashant S Akerkar09/14/16101010Dear Don Thanks. Thanks & Regards, Prashant .....
Prashant S Akerkar 08/28/16101010Dear Don Thanks. Prashant
Prashant S Akerkar 08/25/16101010Dear Don Thanks. Prashant

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2017-01-07 Who's on girst:

Hi Bill,  Thanks for your most interesting question about the 1979 Abbott and Costello WHO'S ON FIRST game by Selchow Righter.  Unfortunately there are many rare games out there that do not command very

2016-11-18 Trying to find name of & info. on specific game:

Hi Teresa,  Thanks for your most interesting question.  I have continued to have an interest in games using a similar theme for many years.  I have discovered a number of games made by Milton Bradley that

2016-10-02 Tracking down game:

Hi Kristie,  Thanks for your interesting question about a game combination like the one you are describing.  There are numerous game combination games with various quantities of games, though this one

2016-09-22 Scrabble words by Field specialisation.:

Hi Prashant, Thanks again for another great question.  Your idea about specific fields being used for words in Scrabble is already being done by the makers of Scrabble.  For example, there is a Pirates

2016-09-19 Rubik's cube variation.:

Hi Prashant, Thanks for another great question.  Just about every variation you can imagine has already been done with the Rubik's cube here in America.  Different companies have printed pictures, numbers


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