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I can answer questions about many boardgames - rules questions, parts questions, name questions, how to modify your games, how to store games, which games to buy if you are on a budget, especially recommendations on which game to play or buy or give. I do not answer questions about online games.

Experience in the area

I currently own over 700 boardgames and have played board games regularly since I was 5. I can find a game for anyone! Tell me what you like or what you've enjoyed doing in the past and I can find the right game for you. I am great at finding photos, values, rules, etc.



The only education I have on this subject is research and experience playing the games.

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Recent Answers from Richard Q Davis

2016-11-09 Don Matting Carrom Baseball Game:

See attached for scan of rules (two pages).    A simple roll dice and guess result to score points.    Contents:  1 felt Baseball field  1 bat  3 runner markers (blue)  4 scoring markers (2 white, 2 red)

2016-09-14 Uppercase and Lowercase vowels and consonants in Scrabble word power game.:

That may be an interesting variant, but not sure how it will work when crossing words.  The capital will only be allowed to start words?  That would make the grid too difficult to complete in my opinion

2014-09-20 board and electronic games:

Hi Ed,  I researched these on since that is the best source.      Approximate value    Trump the game $5  bargain hunter $5  wilbrahamopoly 1998  $10  a line in the sand $20  europe

2013-09-12 Polygon Shaped Board games.:

Hi Prashant,  I've actually experienced games that have been modified to include more players.  Some of these work quite well.  Others do not.  Most game designers have experimented with the number of

2013-05-10 A specific kind of cooperative games:

Hi Rick,  I've been thinking about this question for a while - you've obviously taken the time to really outline what you are looking for and have a genuine need for the information.    I'm listing some


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