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My expertise is fairly broad on board games. I've been collecting board games since I was old enough to count and have over 700 games in my still growing collection. I spend my spare time playing and teaching games, including doing demonstrations at stores. I don't have much experience with wargames, but when it comes to American games and/or most Eurogames, I can offer advice of the concepts in a game, and what kinds of audiences it might appeal to.

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I've been an avid board game player and collector for over 20 years. I own more then 700 board games personally, and spend a significant amount of time both teaching and playing these games.


Bachelor's Degree in Computer Science/Math.

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Ben03/01/17101010THAT'S IT!! Thank you so much. My .....
Rakesh01/04/17101010Thank you for your suggestion. My rating .....
Prashant S Akerkar09/23/16101010Dear Dante Thanks. Prashant
Prashant S Akerkar09/20/16101010Dear Dante Thanks. Prashant
Prashant S Akerkar 09/20/16101010Dear Dante Thanks. Prashant

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2017-02-24 Please help me find the name of this game:

Hey Ben,    Sorry about the delay, I was actually on vacation with my family when this came in. I *THINK* the name of the game you're describing is "Deduction".     Here is the BGG link to it:   https://boardgamegeek

2016-12-29 About CARROM game:

Hey Rakesh,    First off, I apologize for the delay. Here in the U.S., we're coming out of the holiday season and I wasn't paying much attention to my e-mail during that time.    I'm not the foremost expert

2016-09-22 Scrabble words by Field specialisation.:

Now I think you're going in a good direction... but with a few caveats.    First, restricting people to "Only fruits" is going to cause the same problem as the Capital letters... it would be too restrictive

2016-09-19 Rubik's cube variation.:

Over the years, I've seen many variants of the Rubik's cube... one of the most notable used holographic stickers oriented in different directions which made it significantly more difficult.    Replacing

2016-09-14 Uppercase and Lowercase vowels and consonants in Scrabble game.:

There are a couple reasons why I would advise against this. First off, remember that I'm not a board game designer, but these would be my opinions.    Adding capital and small letters would reduce


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