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Almost anything related to learning snowboarding.

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12 years teaching with the Aspen skiing company



A.S.I.A. certified level 3 teaching professional

What do you like about this subject?

What is ther not to like. Once you get past the learning curve in this sport; your skills soar. It is less technical then skiing. (one wide ski) Powder on a snowboard is like being in Heaven. (even though I have not been there yet).

What do you still hope to achieve/learn in this field?

Could get more proficient in Halfpipe and specific terminogoloy...

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Larry06/26/07101010Kurt, Thanks for the detailed response. It .....

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2016-08-23 vintage Apocalypse Pipe Wrench snowboard:

Very interesting.  I prodominately teach the sport so a little lost on an explanation yet it looks like a small freestyle or half pipe board.  do you know what size it is? Looks to be in good shape..

2011-09-12 Cleaning the Board:

ROCKY-Well the truth is (as far as I know):  Once you get any marks they are pretty difficult to change.  I know you want to keep it nice; but also remember if you are not using it and trashin then your

2009-12-20 board size:

Generally they reccommend the snowboard be between your nose and chin. However if you enjoy being on a smaller board and feel it still gives you the stability you need then more power to you.  It does

2009-10-13 whats a good board for a beginner/intermediate?:

Yes- I think you are on the right track you said it yourself. A all mountain style board might be what you want. Usually length should be between your chin and nose. Consider the weight and flex of the

2008-11-30 waxing:

 Alvin=  my main strength is in teaching the SB ; but i think i can give you a logical response. Some boards like Ride or K2 should be good to go and even be waxed. Others it may be good to wax; but not


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