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I`m open and available to answer questions regarding loneliness, disconnection, and increasing support. I want to share my experience, strength and hope. I`m aware that it takes effort to overcome the habit of isolation

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I know what it's like to be lonely, disconnected and feel isolated. I moved a lot when I was a kid and never had the chance to develop roots. I'd like to share what has helped, and perhaps some solutions that might help you.

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Jane01/07/141010Thank you for taking the time to .....
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chris01/17/11101010thank man

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2014-01-05 Empty?:

Jane,    Thanks for reaching out to me. I can certainly relate and long-term isolation can lead to all sorts of problems as you know.      I do a few activities which have made my life better. I volunteer

2013-01-05 am i doing the right thing:

 Hello to you -       I certainly appreciate your desire to reach out to me and ask for feedback.  Asking questions tells me you are sincerely interested in figuring out what is distressing to you and

2011-08-22 lonely:

 Hi Karly,    You remind me of me.    I don't think that you sound weird at all, in fact, my experience is that MANY people feel the same way you do. Think of how many people need to drink (liquid courage)


 Hello to you -    I wanted to respond as I can tell you're sincere. I don't know if I have any answers but I'll tell you what I think.    I am reminded of what a mentor told me in that it takes effort

2011-01-16 lonliness:

 I usually don't do follow-up questions but I'll bend the rules..      The hockey great, Wayne Gretzky, said that we miss 100% of the shots we never take. You will have a zillion times to be in the position


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