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I hold a sixth degree black belt and I am one of the few foreigners to hold an instructors certificate from this federation issued by the Korean Government. I belong to the International Hapkido Federation, child of Daito-Ryu-Aikijujutsu. I am more than happy to share my experiences and knowledge.

Experience in the area

I was a lead instructor at the Korean Headquarters from 1990-2000. Prior to that I was an assistant instructor earning my mastery through an apprenticeship under the Koreans. I have been involved in Hapkido over 30 years. I was also one of the very few foreigners to graduate from the instructor academy which has very intense testing and practice.

What do you like about this subject?

Martial Arts are the most versitile form of defense and physical education. They provide all aspects of fitness from aerobic to anaerobic. Isometric and Isotonic also. They provide stress relief from physical exurtion to learning how to breath correctly. They bring families closer together and promote harmony within the community.

What do you still hope to achieve/learn in this field?

With over 30 years and yet I have only started, I still have at least another 50+ years ahead of me to learn things. Once you stop learning, you are dead. A body of students is what makes a martial arts instructor the best he can be by challenging him and his knowledge in a positive way.

Something interesting about this subject that others may not know:

Aikjujutsu(Hapkiyoosool in Korean) is an art which is considered one of the most difficult to master. Daito-Ryu-Aikijujutsu(Daedong-Ryu-Hapkiyoosool) is the main school.

Something controversial or provocative about this subject

One of the provacative things about this art is the way hollywood portraits it as a form of entertainment through the movies of Steven Seagal. It is an art, not an act. People forget that martial means military.

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Robert10/07/08101010Thank you for your excellent answer.
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2007-09-06 Help me please:

Danny,    A great question which I get allot. Hapkido and Aikido share the same Kanji and techniques for the most part. Koreans and Japanese just pronounce them differently and they are practiced from

2007-09-03 Help me please:

Dear Danny,    I understand your concern and it is a legitmate one. You are right though. These days martial arts are taught as a business and not as a martial (military) art to break thing and kill people

2007-06-27 martial arts:

Wow, a very difficult question. Everyone has their claims to this great question. No one is absolutely sure. One thing is true. As long as there has been combat, there has been martial (military) Arts

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Dear Luke,    Yet another great question. Thank you.     I would go with Hapkido. Look here-->    I can also tell that it is the best I have ever seen or trained with. But then again

2007-03-01 kiai:

Dear Sir or Ma'am.    The purose of the Kiai is basically three fold.    1. to create hydrostatic pressure on your internal organs and spine so nothing gets hurt and to keep the wind from getting knocked


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