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I have an extensive background in Japanese martial arts - both classical and modern - and classical Japanese culture. I also study the Japanese language. In the rest of my life, I do biomedical research in cancer biology, vaccines, and immunology.

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I orginally developed an interest in classical Japanese culture while first training in the modern martial art aikido and a classical sword style. My instructor's family encouraged me to take on additional nonmartial studies, including flower arranging, formal tea ceremony, incense appreciation, and cooking. While having left the vicinity of my initial instructor, I have had the opportunity to continue training in aikido, classical Japanese sword styles, and kendo. Likewise, I have continued formal training in flower aranging and tea ceremony. I have over 15 years of experience.


I am a member of the All-Japan Kendo Federation, Urasenke school of tea, the Ikenobo school of ikebana, American and Japanese Aikido organizations, and am formally affliated with one Japanese school of classical swordwork.


I have completed a Ph.D. in immunology.

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