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I'm a problem-solver; I specialize in finding practical win-win solutions to difficult customer service issues. Anything to do with maintaining good relations with your customers and still running a profitable business is fair game.

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I've operated more than one successful small business of my own, and provided support for multiple small businesses as a consultant.


I am self-taught. I've been a voracious reader since I was 4 years old. I absorb three to five new books a month on virtually every subject of interest to a small business owner/operator.

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2016-08-03 Unhappy customer:

I hate losing a client because they're unhappy. But never make it about money. The client wasn't unhappy with your prices.    If you've had faithful clients for years, and this client lets you go without

2014-03-07 Errand Service:

Got it.     I'd suggest you emphasize your work experience in your marketing. Many folks who do this are unemployed because they have no skills. You're actually a qualified professional.     I think with

2014-03-03 Errand Service:

Hulloo, Lynnsie!    Unemployment is scary. I applaud your desire to take control of the situation rather than depending on someone else to fix it for you.    A few thoughts:    1. Don't worry about getting

2011-08-05 Eating in Front of Customers:

Howdy, CJ!    It's not a simple question with a "one size fits all" answer. I'll give you some things to consider, and I'd love to hear what you decide (or whether you have further questions.)    If you're

2010-01-30 About the return in the US:

I agree that products should be returned in more or less the same shape as they were bought, but in the end, which is more important: to keep this one customer's money, and enforce the sale, or to earn


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