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Farscape is my sole reason for living on Friday nights. I have seen almost every episode(I was a bad scaper at the begining, but I have learned the error in my ways). You can ask me about any episode, any character, actors/actresses, guest stars, etc.

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Totally addicted to the program.

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Arnold07/10/04101010Thanks Danielle, I'd been looking for that .....
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2004-07-09 chiana:

there were a few episodes featuring the nabari.      The first was Durka Returns.  Which was episode 1X15  Then there was A Clockwork Nebari. Which was episode 2X18  then the last episode was Fractures

2003-02-17 Farscape Plotlines:

hey, sorry for the delayed response.  we got stuck in a blizzard up here and i've been shoveling for the past two days.  ugh.    anyhow.  wow, how to explain farscape to a non-scaper.    Farscape is like

2002-05-14 Nit-picking ;):

Heya Liza, how's it going?    I got the impression, from I, ET and from A Human Reaction, that someone with translator microbes would be able to understand someone without, Though I think there was a slip


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