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The design and application of burglary and fire systems for homes and businesses. Helping alarm owners understand how their system works. Helping to troubleshoot false alarm problems. Questions about monitoring issues.

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Over a quarter century in the industry. Experience in installation, service, and monitoring centers. Training manager for a national protective services company; director of education and training for a national trade organization for for alarm dealers.



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Just as the saying goes, "there's more than one way to skin a cat," there is often more than one way to address a security issue. Consumers often get conflicting advice on products and services. I can help you evaluate the merits of these compared with your own needs to enable you to make an informed choice.

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Recent Answers from Dave Neuweiler

2017-03-14 Caccx Ranger 8900 DL alarm:

Hello Sherry, and thanks for writing.    First, let me apologize for being so long in answering. Every once in a while the notification from All Experts fails for some reason, until I get a follow-up notice

2017-03-05 Faulty smioke detector?:

Hello Jerry and thanks for your question.    According to the major manufacturers, smoke detectors have a useful life of about ten years. Some will work longer without issue, but a good rule of thumb is

2017-02-28 VISTA-20SE, VISTA-20HWSE - emitting chirping:

Please don't feel stupid! The additional information you provided is very useful.    The piece that's connected to the outlet is not a battery; it's the 16.5 volt transformer that powers the system and

2017-02-28 VISTA-20SE, VISTA-20HWSE - emitting chirping:

Hello Dawn, and thanks for writing.    Systems that are originally set up for monitoring but are no longer monitored eventually run into trouble.    The reason for this is that whenever a reportable event

2017-02-13 Electrical devices support for Dual input voltages.:

Hello Prashant ... this is a bit out of my expertise, but I do know for example, that computer power supplies for desktops and towers have a selectable power input for 110 or 220 VAC. It's just a slide-switch


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