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Horse Training, Vet and Medical (layperson level), horse care, racehorse training and conditioning. Holistic Health.

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30 years in equine industry, author of The Racehorse Trainers Test (, national award-winning TV producer, equine video producer. I have owned, shown 2 World Champions and a reserve World Champion, had many regional and state champions. Past experience includes: Certified Equine Appraiser, a Bloodstock Agent, Licensed Racehorse Trainer, stud farm manager, training farm manager, equine and canine rescue founder, retail upper management.


All major equine organizations and publications


University of Houston, Accounting , Media, Writing

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2015-08-26 ewe neck horses - problem:

You are somewhat right if the horse is unschooled.  With proper training / schooling any horse can be taught to engage his hind quarters. Engagement of the hind quarters require the horse also round it's

2015-08-14 no noseband for racehorses:

 Each trainer has their own methods and preferences so there is not just one, simple answer to your question. Also, each horse is an individual with different characteristics, therefore you need to know

2015-08-13 bones spurs in horse mouth - grooms the culprits:

 Hello    That type of noseband only holds the bit up while there is no pressure on the reins.  Once the rider begins to use the reins when riding or galloping, the bit will still be against the bone

2015-08-13 topics to be covered before i become a racehorse trainer:

heloo,    I suggest you focus on good horse husbandry skills first. There are a number of good books available online at any bookstore such as   Once you have mastered the basics of horse care

2015-08-13 neck stretcher for racehorses:

Hello,    If you are talking about using that type of equipment on one of the horses you have been discussing with me who apparently has teeth problems, then tying or forcing its head down with any bit


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