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I can answer questions regarding how to deal with one's own jealousy and how to deal with the jealosy of the partner / lover and how you can liberate yourself from this destructive emotion. Learn more about me and my work at

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I overcome serious jealousy issues with conscious work and effort, and that was a very liberating experience. I also helped several people to abandon their jealous behavior and line of thinking.


M.A. in Philosophy

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I appreciate the overwhelming importance of liberating yourself from jealousy.

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Being free of jealousy is one of the most important qualities in a great romantic partners. Jealousy makes people miserable and hateful, but becoming free of jealousy makes people feel free, and much happier.

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Like most great qualities, jealousy does not go away overnight. It requires a fundamental change in frame of mind and perception of the psychology of men, women and their interaction. But working on eliminating jealousy is sure worth it.

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