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Kodakon Judo 2nd degree black (Nidan), Sport Judo, not into competition. Life member United States Judo Assoc. Been in JUDO since 1983.

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2014-05-16 Judo principles vs edged weapons?:

As a Judoka since 1985 and a police officer for many years, when the subject of facing a edge weapon comes up....the unwritten rule for police officers is DON'T LET A SUBJECT ARMED WITH A EDGED WEAPON

2010-12-04 Judo:

Danny,    There is no age limit for JUDO, unlike other martial arts that require you to be able to "snap" a pounch or kick over your head and spin like a top....JUDO can be done at a easy pace. Every technique

2010-01-25 competion points:

Andrew,    I am sorry, I don't get into competitions. I know that every federation's scoring is different is some ways. USJA and USJF use different scoring methods.  I would contact the various federations

2007-11-20 bowing:

Linda,    There are SEVERAL martial arts federations & associations representing the various arts. You asked a question and I answered it how OUR association (The United States Judo Association) would

2007-09-03 Help me please:

Danny,  First, the smart martial artists fights ONLY as a last resort. If there is an escape, take it because once you get into a physical fight you've given up control of the situation. You never know


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