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David has been a state champion in both regular competition (shiai) and in forms (kata). David is currently an USA Judo National Referee. David Ellis has studied Judo continuously since 1975, and is currently a Yodan (fourth degree black belt). David has been a head Judo Instructor (aprox. 11 years) and an assistant Judo Instructor (over 15 years). David is currently the Head Assistant Instructor and Head Kata Instructor of Samurai Judo & Jujitsu in Melbourne, Florida

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Judo is the 2nd most popular sport in the world behind Soccer. Judo is the most popular Martial Art practiced in the world.

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2014-05-16 How would you realistically use judo physics against edged weapons? Or does it totally not work for that type of fight?:

Let me start this answer by stating any martial art taught well will say don't put yourself in a position where you will have to use it especially against a weapon.    In the Judo/Jujitsu (Pre WW II Judo)

2008-11-26 Judo tournament mat rentals:

Mark,    I attempt to keep a list of events current on the Florida Judo Inc website at and if you go to Upcoming Judo Events page it shows the point of contact.    NOTE: That

2008-05-14 how did you start judo:

The how to start Judo is a little easier to answer, so I will start with that one.  First locate Judo clubs in your area.  Then go and check them out.  Ask questions about the club.  Watch a class or two

2007-11-29 America:

Linda,    I will answer your 2nd question first.  The official language of Judo is Japanese except for in Korea.  In Korea, Judokas use Korean.    The Americans are doing better in world competitions lately

2007-11-29 Knees:

Linda,    You can work on building up the muscles around the knees to help support it more.  I used to use the Leg Extension machine, bringing the weight up fast and down slow and under control.  That


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