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All questions about Judo, history, techniques, dojos, Senseis, National Organizations, uniforms, etc. Most questions about JiuJitsu, kinds, methods, history.

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Over 30 years training and teaching Judo and JiuJitsu. Competition in Judo. Using JiuJitsu on the street. Yodan (Fourth dan) in Judo. Shodan (1st dan) in Heike-ryu JiuJitsu. Sandan in USJJF JiuJitsu


United States Judo Association. United States Judo Federation. United States Judo Inc. United States JiuJitsu Association.


Trained under Y.Vincent Tamura founder of the Tamura Judo Institute and Heike-ryu JiuJitsu, 9th Dan.

Awards and Honors

Second Place 1981 National Judo Championships, 172 lb Masters. 2nd Place International Police Olympics Masters division, 3rd place International Police Olympics 172 lb division. 1982.

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Recent Answers from Ed Carol

2014-05-16 Attacking judo?:

Judo is a sport.....sort of.  Mostly it is a method of studying JiuJutsu without injury.  Most Judo Sensei will teach Blackbelts wrist locks, strikes and kicks along with some more dangerous techniques

2013-07-10 History. Is judo sport or martial art.:

I have read a number of books on Judo and it's development.  I have also read a number of biographies on Jigaro Kano.  Basic Judo instruction usually includes several precepts of Judo.   Seiryoku Zenyo

2011-09-14 Age for starting judo:

In Judo there are no losers.  Each class makes you better than you were before.  By working out with those who know more and are more expert in Judo, you will gain faster and more knowledge.  Every person

2011-07-04 Judo and aikido:

One of Jigaro Kano's first students came up with the art of Aikido and many high ranking Judo people turned to Aikido when they tired of taking hard falls.  Aikido uses rolls as opposed to falls.  Judo

2009-09-18 judo injuries:

Actually the best place to answer this question is the Kodokan in Japan or any National organization that keeps records on Judo matches.  In the U.S. the United States of America Judo, the United States


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