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Sijo Robert Z


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Kung Fu, Traditional Chinese Weaponry, Animal Styles, Dao, Life Coaching (Mentoring), Personal and Professional Development

Experience in the area

Training martial arts since 1962, Shaolin Kung Fu much later in 1983 and Traditional (Cold) Weaponry since 1976.


Martial Arts Industry Association, Australian Kung Fu Wushu Federation, International Martial Arts Association, International Kung Fu & Tai Chi Federation, Australasian MAster Council


Blitz Martial Art Magazine, Good Health Magazine, Healthier Living Magazine, Bujitsu Magazine, Inside Kung Fu Magazine, Herald Sun Daily Paper, Metro News, Victorian Police Force Gazette; and a few more that i don't quite remember.


Associate Diplomas in Transmission & High Frequency Engineering, Communication Engineering, Digital and Fiberoptic Engineering, Certificate in Computer Engineering, Certificate in Management, Certificate 4 in Training & Development.

Awards and Honors

European Full contact Runner-up 1975, Champion 1976, Unbeaten NMAL 1987 & 1988, Judge and Referee of the year 1999

Past/Present Clients

Transport Accident Commision, Rehabilitation Division, Association for the Blind, Australian New Zealand Banking Cooperation, Telstra Australia, Optus Australia, Shell Corporate Training, Islamic Woman of Victoria, Austraian Institute of Management . . .

What do you like about this subject?

The more i learn and the more i seem to know, the more i enjoy every little detail of Shaolin Kung Fu.

What do you still hope to achieve/learn in this field?


Something interesting about this subject that others may not know:

A true Shaolin Kung Fu will seek not to hurt an attacker even if thy have a weapon or there are several attackers.

Something controversial or provocative about this subject

When the Shaolin temple was burned for the 2nd time around 17/18th century, many Shaolin Monks were killed. Some though, under the symbol of the Jade Triangle given to the Shaolin Monks by the first Ming Emperor, continued the resistance. As a matter of identification the made a triangular symbol with the fingers; in the form of the Jade Triangle. They became know as the "Triads"

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2017-01-30 kungfu and gung fu:

Hi.    There is no one Chinese language. Although China was 'unified' over the last few centuries and millennia, it is a bit like Europe with several different languages or in this case vastly different

2016-04-01 leg exercise:

Hi Kevin,    You ask a broad question so i will give you a somewhat broad answer, There are three types of strengths in kung fu for legs; Static, Dynamic and Structural. But you are after practical martial

2015-09-06 Animal style:

Hi Jordyn,    It is more than just about your physical attributes and your temper, although not impossible. But i would not like to put you onto the wrong track based on the little information you sent!

2015-03-31 Adress:

Hi Bianca,    We have two locations in Victoria, Australia and i suggest you go to;    https://www.shaolin.com.au/venue.html or  http://www.shaolin.mobi    Where you will find ALL the details.    Let me

2013-09-23 Chi Information:

Dear Tom,    I am sorry to say that some of the terms you mention "Chi Deviations", "Energetic Healing" and "Energetic First Aid" are not familiar for me.    I am somewhat versed with Chi, Chi Channeling


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