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2012-09-21 Is my dream a message from God? What does it mean?:

Hello,   God talks to His people in diverse ways. If you were observant, you will understand the way He ministers to you, if the way through which God speaks to you is dreams, then you need to take any

2011-04-23 sin:

There is no human power to overcome sin. Man cannot overcome sin by himself/herslef. You need the spirit of God to enable you overcome sin. Paul said, the things i want to do, i dont do, i ended up doing

2011-01-31 Guidance please:

The Bible says in Amos 3:3 that, ...Can two walk together except they be agreed? The first thing in marriage is agreement, else there will always be chaos and disagreement.   The agreement in question

2010-10-23 Matthew 11:12:

When Jesus said the kingdom of God suffers violence, he didnt mean physical violence, rather he meant to say that we have a part to play in the porcess of salvation. In the days of our fathers, they live

2010-10-05 Denominational Elitism:

This is simple. Take a human being as an example. The human being consist of SPIRT, SOUL and BODY. Without the flesh, without the blood and without breath, there is no human being.    As these three components


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