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I am trained in theophospic ministry, I can provide answers on all aspects of pentacostal belief. I have been part of the ministry team in my church, led small groups and have been a Christian since 1978

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I have answered questions in the Assembly of God section of this site for many years. I have been a highly ranked expert on and I am a Life Member of the Full Gospel Business Men's Fellowship and have been a Chapter President. I am a former President of Life FM 100.1 a Christian radio station. I am author of the Book Revival ~ a different perspective



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Helen11/17/15101010Thank you so much for your clear .....
sandra10/06/15101010Thank you so much for your answer!!! .....

Recent Answers from Brian Thompson

2016-08-03 Will You Be Saved ?:

Hello Denzil    Jesus said that if a person should deny him then he will deny that person to his father. You obviously know this so why are you confused? Did you ask the Holy Spirit to help you answer

2015-11-16 Spirit filled:

Hi Helen    yes difficult to understand those besetting sins. It is hard to divorce those physical things from our spiritual nature.    We are the sum of our experiences and there will be things that we

2015-10-05 salvation:

Hello Sandra    Some sects teach that speaking in tongues is part of the born again experience and thus connect it with salvation. This is not the generally held view among pentecostals or Christians generally

2015-02-25 How many times did Jesus resurrect?:

I think you are reading too much into the passage. this is a figure of speech, we sleep and rise again every day. Jesus died and was resurrected once only and that was sufficient.   However there is also

2014-03-22 Eternal Life:

hello Mark    Pentecostals do not believe as the catholics that there is an intermediate stage; purgatory. we believe that everything a believer has done is covered by the blood of Jesus and the atonement


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