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I believe that every word of the Bible is God-Breathed. This blessed book is the foundation of truth for faith and practice. If you ask this volunteer a question you will receive an answer from the Bible that is based upon a literal, normal interpretation, taking into account the grammar and culture of the time.

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I have been in the ministry 20+ years. During that time I served as a Baptist youth pastor, christian counselor, church planter, and senior pastor.Please know thatI will be answering these questions from a biblical perspective, not a penticostal only perspective. (Since I am a Baptist, anyway) :)


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sandra02/02/16101010Thank for your answer!
Ian10/06/15101010 Thanks for your Biblically-based reply. I .....
Greg05/04/15101010Pastor Don made an excellent distinction in .....
Bob12/23/14101010OK thank you
Dave09/19/14101010Thank you for your kind response.

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2015-09-30 salvation:

Hi Sandra,    Thank you so much for this great question.  First of all let me tell you that the Bible does not require tongues as a prerequisite of heaven.  But yu asked why some believe it is.  I believe

2015-06-30 marrying a hindu person:

Hi Nancy    Thank you so much for this personal and powerful question.  I am so sorry that I have taken so long to answer you.    I have a few different points for you to consider.    1.  You did not do

2015-05-05 faith:

Hi Greg,    Thank you for your follow up question.  Just because God does not answer yes to your prayer, does not mean that God did not answer at all.  Observe the interaction in the following verses:

2015-02-18 faith:

Hi Greg,    Thanks for this very interesting question.  I think that it is important to understand the difference between saving faith and faith for healing or deliverance.    It is clear that salvation

2014-11-08 creation:

Hi Bob,    Thank you so much for this great question.  I am very sorry for my late response.  Genesis chapter 2 is just an expanded version of what happened on the sixth day.  I do not believe that there


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