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I am able to answer basic to some expert questions on the topic of rock climbing and some mountaineering. I have 2 years of experience in which i climbed about 5 in 7 days a week, work in a climbing gym as an instructor, and guiding climbing trips, one of which was to Utah, for Northern Illinois University.

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2015-11-06 Safety harness fail:

Rigoberto,    There are several makes and models of harness available to a mountain climber.  The specific model selected varies greatly depending upon the circumstances a climber expects to encounter

2011-02-07 Rock Climbing:

Avi,    I'm afraid I am not currently working at a climbing gym.  However, all of the gyms I have worked with or visited have been open to working with people with disabilities.  In what area of the country

2010-11-20 getting started:

Hank,    I'm terribly sorry I didn't respond earlier, I didn't know this question was pending.  My first suggestion would be to take a class and learn the basic knots and how to belay.  As far as gear

2010-10-25 Workout Plans?:

Hi Ivan,    I think that body building can hider climbing progress, but I don't think a supplemental workout will cause you a problem.      I can think of 3 general areas to focus on.      First are the

2010-10-03 rules:

Christelle,    I'm sorry if this response is too late for your assignment, I never received an e-mail that it was pending and just saw your question while answering another.    There really aren't any


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