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I can answer questions about law school and the process of applying to law school. I recently graduated in May 2008, so it's all fresh in my mind. I can answer questions about how to apply to law school, the LSAT, getting letters of recommendation, writing your personal statement, etc. I can also answer questions about what life is like during law school and the different opportunities students should take advantage of during their law school experience, i.e., law review, networking events, moot court, clinics, internships, what classes to take, etc. I can also answer questions about what it's like to look for a job, what are good jobs to get right out of law school, and general questions about writing cover letters and resumes. I can also answer questions about judicial clerkships after law school.

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I am a recent law school graduate (May 2008). I have been through the process and have taken advantage of many different opportunities throughout my three years in law school. I've done internships, a clinic, been on law review, been on moot court, and participated in several moot court competitions. I am currently an associate at a boutique civil litigation firm.


I have a BA in Political Science.

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Hi Jackson -    I'm not sure about a SJD. I never actually heard of that. An LLM just gives you a focus. It means you took extra classes in a specific area of the law whereas a JD is a general law degree

2013-02-19 Job prospects after graduation:

Hi Jackson -    It's hard to make any predictions because there are so many variables that are unpredictable. So much of it depends on what city you're talking about, where you rank in your class at graduation

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Deanna -     This is a really detailed question and would require a really long answer.  Briefly, law school takes 3 years to complete, full time.  It requires a lot of time studying, as does the bar exam


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