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Planning, Design, execution, Installation, maintaining, FINA/SPATA/ISPE standards,Trouble shooting in water, Design of filters,U.V, Rain water harvesting, waterparks, themeparks, amusement parks, playground equipments, water slides and spas, Tiling, waterproofing, Feasibility studies

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Last fifteen (15)years water industry Especially waterparks, wavepools, swimming pools, spas,


H2O The water Specialist website:- waterparks.in


B.E. major in Construction Engg. M.B.A. Finance

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JVPD club India, MCF club India, HFIL in India

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Recent Answers from Manish J.Joshi

2016-10-05 Improper Depth of Pool by Contractor:

Hi,  The rebar is  a big CONCERN even if gravel is below. Once you cut rebar the strength is zero. I would suggest from what you have written, is call structural engineer and get the pool done according

2016-07-18 green algae:

Hi,  First and foremost you have maintain pool water chemistry.i.e pH and Free chlorine level, if you maintain pH around 7.2 to 7.4 and Chlorine around 2 ppm the problem will be solved.  But what you said

2015-11-15 A bit of scum:

Polysheen is a good product but when used as per instructions.  The other problem is it might clog the filter especially if it is Cartridge filter, you have to clean it frequently.  Also send be atleast

2015-05-14 Spa Pool:

What is the typical bench width?    The bench width would be 18 inches    2).I'm considering elongating the spa to be 8ft water by width and I think I can figure out 5.5ft length of water.  It will be

2015-05-14 Spa Pool:

Hi,  You require atleast 4 feet width and length 3 feet per Bather.  Now you can compute the area required.


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