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Specializing in leak detection and location in inground pools and spas. Complete system diagnosis of in-ground gunnite/concrete pools, spas, and all related equipment. No answers regarding construction or materials of construction. No squabbles or third party resolutions.

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2010-01-01 Guinite shell:

The pipes are capped off, right? A static relief valve can let water out also, if one has been installed.   If the gunnite doesn't adhere to the plastic pipes water can seep out through the tiny gap between

2010-01-01 fiberglass pool leakage:

The first step in finding a leak is to gather information. I don't have all the information to give an accurate diagnosis, but...  The most important information we're after is the behavior of the leak:

2006-12-11 Pool Piping:

Buy a device called a "Drain King" or "Drain Sock" at your local hardware store.  These are designed to screw onto the end of a garden hose.  They are designed to clear blockages in pipes. Refer to the

2006-12-06 Replaster now or later?:

Yes, if it is at that level, it should be fine.  In some regions, a hydrostatic relief valve is required for areas prone to flooding.  Forty feet above the height of the river sounds far enough.  A hydrodstatic

2006-12-05 My inground pool Sunk 1 inche:

If the pool has tilted, it is possible for the plumbing to break. Ask that the pool plumbing is pressure tested, and ask for a leak detection specialist look at the pool to determine whether the structure


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