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From "Advanced Math" -- I can answer all questions up to, and including, graduate level mathematics. I am more likely to prefer questions beyond the level of calculus. I can answer any questions, from basic elementary number theory like how to prove the first three digits of powers of 2 repeat (they do, with period 100, starting at 8), all the way to advanced mathematics like proving Egorov's theorem or finding phase transitions in random networks. I have no idea why Topology is not included in "Advanced Math" -- not to mention, there is only one question in this category, and it is decidedly not a topology question.

Experience in the area

I am a PhD educated mathematician working in research at a major university.




Various research journals of mathematics. Various talks & presentations (some short, some long), about either interesting classical material or about research work.


BA mathematics & physics, PhD mathematics from a top 20 US school.

Awards and Honors

Various honors related to grades, various fellowships & scholarships, awards for contributions to mathematics and education at my schools, etc.

Past/Present Clients

In the past, and as my career progresses, I have worked and continue to work as an educator and mentor to students of varying age levels, skill levels, and educational levels.

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Andy06/11/15101010This is fantastic thank you.
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2015-05-03 geometry/pythag:

The circumference of the earth is 24901.55 miles.    This means the angle between London and Coventry is the same fraction out of 360 as 92 is out of 24901.55. In other words, the angle from London to

2012-10-19 Regular Space:

Because this appears to be a homework question, it would be inappropriate to give a full answer. Instead, I will try to provide some guidance:    The goal is to prove "closed" ↠ "saturated."    The

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No, the wind is pressing on half the surface - the half facing the wind.    However, the pressure applied to the sphere is lessened due to the slope of the sphere. This is true for most surfaces facing

2012-09-11 Topology:

Your explanation of part i (that is, items 1 through 3) is fine, but before you start proving 1 through 3 you should remind us that A is a fixed set maybe.    For part 2, you seem to be assuming that A

2012-09-07 Topology:

1) For this question, you'll need to interpret the definitions:    cl(A) = the smallest closed set containing A    int(A) = the largest open set contained in A    So you have U, then you have K=cl(U),


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