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I can answer most questions on Point Set Topology, but not in Algebraic Topology. Questions of the sort given as exercises in any of the standard Topology texts or Ph.D. "prelim" level problems are welcome.

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My Ph.D. thesis was in Algebra, but I had three graduate courses in Point Set Topology which I enjoyed very much. I am also an experienced teacher.


B.S., M.S., Ph.D.

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Shikhin07/14/16101010Thanks a lot Socrates for clearing the .....

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2016-07-14 Vector spaces:

For your interpretation,  it would be stated "T carries L.I.subsets of V onto all L.I. subsets of W"     Or another way    T carries the collection of L.I. subsets   of V onto the collection of L.I subsets

2016-07-12 Vector spaces:

It seems like you have misunderstood the premise. It only says that T sends independent vectors in V to independent vectors in W . So , for example, if v1 , v2 are independent in V , then T(v1) and T(v2)


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