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I have been training for over 30 plus years. But more importantly I am a considerd to be an expert on protection techniques. Ask me anything on these subjects kumite Kata kubodo history and Waza

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Alu05/23/06101010Thank you very much :
Kayala03/07/061010Thank you for the reply.
Luke11/28/05101010Thanks for answer Master Guy!

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2010-10-13 worthiness of martial arts:

I really don't understand your question but I will give it a shot. When you study real martial arts you are not studying just techniques but instead it is really a study of situations and people. If your

2010-08-16 Armour vs Martial Arts:

Osu! Thank you for honoring me with your question. When you really learn the art and have a skill to fight or take flight. You gain an instinct for where danger is and how to deal with it before it becomes

2010-05-27 kata:

Osu! Sanju-San Thank you for honoring me with your question.  If you understand what is called the bunki of kata or its techniques.  Then you start to   see what kata really is and what it can do. Kata's

2009-08-17 Sub ?:

Osu! Thank you for honoring me with your question.       This is not a traditional martial arts move, its a wrestling or BJJ move. Itís called a full nelson with a forward leg scissor. I hope  this helps

2009-02-15 on self-defence:

Hello Rare Jade,  Sorry for the slow response and Thank you for honoring me with your question.     Very interesting question indeed. This can be answered on a few different levels. From a biblical and


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