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I can answer questions relating to training in Bruce Lee`s martial art philosophy, Jeet Kune Do, and its associated disciplines.

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I have trained in martial arts since 1973 and in Jeet Kune Do since 1983. I am a Full Instructor in Jun Fan/Jeet Kune Do certified by Sifu Daniel Inosanto, Bruce Lee's premier disciple.


Inosanto International Martial Art Instructors Association.
Thai Boxing Association of the uSA.
Wing Chun Kung Fu Association.
Boxe Francaise-Savate Federation of the uSA

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james11/30/15101010ok, thank you very much!!
Filipe12/30/12101010Thank you for the help provided and .....
Filipe12/16/12101010thanks again for the time.. will think .....
Anna10/25/121010Thank you.

Recent Answers from Dwight Woods

2015-11-28 mace:

James,  Find the best surveillance store in your town and  like a Spy World and see what they recommend.  Alternatively check with your local police department  as they may have an insight into personal

2013-05-19 time?:

Jack,  I think you already know the answers to your questions.   Obviously JKD will provide you with a more well-rounded ability.  And basic JKD is easy to pick up so that's the way to go if the  only

2012-12-17 opinion:

Filipe,  Go with KM then because it sounds like you'd have less to "change around" while training with them versus how much you'd have to ask the WC instructor to change his approach to suit you.  Do you

2012-12-12 need some advice regarding jkd:

Filipe,  Sorry for the delay in answering but I never received the original e-mail with your question.  You remind me of myself when I was 19 and also training on my own from whatever book or video sources

2011-11-24 Jeet Kune Do:

Hi Anna,  Where do you train? Perhaps I know your instructor...  I love everything about Jeet Kune Do, the physical, psychological and philosophical.  For me JKD is about well-roundedness so I try not


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