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Street self-defense, crime avoidance and personal safety

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I grew up in the streets of Los Angeles in 'situational poverty.' I have dealt with criminals and violent people all my life -- both personally and professionally. I have written 15 books and 6 videos on surviving street violence. I was originally published under the name Marc Animal MacYoung. (Animal was my street name). I've taught police and military both internationally and within the US. I've lectured at universities, academies and done countless TV, radio, newspaper and magazine interviews. I'm a professional speaker on crime avoidance and personal safety. And I am an expert witness recognized by the US court system. My bio is at My abridged CV (Curriculum Vitae) is at


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Too numerous to list here. My CV (for my expert witness work in court) is at


Read "In the Name of Self-Defense" the streets don't give a Ph.D in scuffle.

Awards and Honors

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What do you like about this subject?

I like helping people not get hurt by crime and violence.

What do you still hope to achieve/learn in this field?

Never to have to use it again.

Something interesting about this subject that others may not know:

Most crime and violence is easily avoidable...IF 1)you know what to look for AND 2)if you can keep your emotions from running away from you. When you have those two things going for you, you can see trouble developing a mile away and easily prevent it from happening.

Something controversial or provocative about this subject

When I say about violence, "It's better to avoid going there," it's because I've spit blood and buried friends. I am an ex-LA street thug who knows, first-hand, the horrors and complexities of violence. I don't promote fighting or encourage macho fantasies about it. There is no 'safe way' to engage in violence or 'guaranteed' fighting system. Anyone who says differently is selling something.

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2017-01-21 Animal Identity:

A lot of the people from my past are now dead.     Also very simply, I was a straight shooter. By that I mean I didn't rip people off or betray them. Folks who rolled on others, betrayed them, ratted them

2017-01-21 Footwork:

Footwork = mobility.    Mobility = well all kinds of things, but especially power and safety.    If I mentioned eskrimadors, I'm almost guaranteed to have mentioned OLD SCHOOL eskrimadors. Most modern

2017-01-20 Have you ever had challengers? how did you handle them?:

The reason I don't answer it is there wasn't 'one event' there were lots of them... and the realization that if I didn't change, there'd be more and more of them until one day I wouldn't be fast enough

2017-01-18 Have you ever had challengers? how did you handle them?:

It's been years since I've had anyone try.    You need to also understand that I have a ...switch.     Ordinarily I am a happy go-lucky, fun, funny, sweet guy who will try to work things out. Given the

2017-01-11 Vandalism, Jumpings, and other illegal activities in the McDojo Wars (in the West):

You're fuckin' joking right?    Dojo busting (as it was known here back in the day) in the US was NOTHING in comparison to what it was back in home countries. There if you called yourself a 'master' people


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